Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cake Coma..

The birthday celebrations have halted at last.  I knew they would stop sooner or later I was just hoping for the second option! :)  I can whole heartedly say that this year was the best birthday since my 18th or so. mom made birthdays a huge.. deal at home.  Everything you could imagine [parties, treats, dinners, gifts..] every.single.year!  So I'm sure you could all imagine the let down on my 19th birthday.  No family birthday parties, no huge, wrapped gifts, no cake with 'Happy 19th Birthday, Abby' written across it.  Each year since birthdays tend to make me sad.  That is until this year..

Thursday night with the girls was cancelled [my fault!  too much fun Wednesday night!]  but Friday night Adam took me to dinner [crab legs!] and then to the casino [not my lucky night!  I lost all my money within 20 minutes..thank goodness Adam won some! :].  When we got home my sister Alicia and her bf Brad came over so we chatted with them until nearly 3am.  Great memories!  Saturday we got up and started our 3 1/2 hour trek to our friend [and band member] Corey's house so Adam's band could play.  At midnight Adam surprised me and sang Happy Birthday on the mic and Corey & his wife Gina brought me out a [very yummy!] birthday cake [with my name on it! :]  I was elated!  Sunday we had breakfast with them and headed home.  My sister and Brad were still at our house [watching Murdock] and surprised me at the door with brownies [a fav of mine!] and a cute birthday sash that they made for me!  :):)  Then my parents came down [making it 10 hours of driving to DSM this weekend!] bringing me Angel Food Cake [a fav of mine!].  When they arrived I opened my [wrapped!] gift from Adam [awesome, wine rack from my birthday list!] and gift from my sisters [UNI hoodie & license plate holder from my list as well!  Pretty glad I made that! :]  and card [$$$] from my parents.  After the men assembled my wine rack, we headed outside for some Bocce ball!  We may have got yelled at by an old man for having to much fun but it was worth it!  Great Adam & I won!!  :)  My other sister made it to town when we were playing [she is still staying with us..she goes home tomorrow] :(  We headed inside and after sitting down I decided I didn't really want to go to a restaurant this we ordered Chips and ate it at home.  After dinner we played Battle of the Sexes & the girls dominated!

So after a concert, many meals, awesome family time, perfect weather, sweet gifts, and little sleep I am officially 24 years old.  Thank you everyone who helped to make my 24th birthday memorable [texts, messages, calls, gifts, and all!]  

I have experienced so much from in the last year [getting married, traveling, merging families, purchasing a car, changing jobs, and more]  I cannot wait to see the changes from 24 to 25!  Thanks for being with me through it all!


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful birthday celebration! :)

  2. That sounds like a fabulous birthday.!! Im glad you had fun and got your cake and wrapped present.!!

  3. I need a *Like* button.

    Sounds like the birthday that can't be topped. You're a very lucky woman :) And I am coveting the wine rack. Nice-o-rama!

  4. Yay we're the same age now!

    That wine rack is AWESOME. yay list!

  5. What a great Birthday week you had!!! I want my next birthday to be like yours :o)

    The wine rack is awesome!! I need to make a birthday wish list too, you seem to have done great with yours :)

  6. We're the same age now! Glad you had a fun birthday. Mine wasn't that spectacular this year, but hopefully next year... however I will be studying for the bar during my birthday next year... LAME. Joe's 25th is in October and we are planning a HUGE party. Guess I can live vicariously through him....


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