Thursday, August 16, 2012

Twenty six is going to rock!

Our dinner, even Murdock got a special treat [deer steak!]
Here is how I feel about being twenty-six.

I started the day with a partial day of work.  I went tanning and then headed to Panera for lunch a an hour of 'me' time.  Then I picked my baby up from daycare and snuggled her for an hour or so.  Adam came home with chocolates, ice cream, and drinks!  Jordyn went to bed and we had a nice steak and crab leg dinner.  I followed dinner with a bubble bath before bed. 

Friends and family blessed me with cash and a beautiful [personalized] necklace and bracelet.  They rock!

And just so I don't make you all jealous with my perfect day...You should know I made my own birthday cake & it had no candles!!  :)


  1. sounds pretty perfect -- happy [belated] birthday!

  2. Happy belated bday! That crab looks a-mazing!

  3. I would have put candles in the cake but you started eating it as soon as it came out of the oven!!! LOL! Love you babe!


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