Friday, August 16, 2013

A Special Date

I woke up this morning, now 27, feeling so incredibly blessed!  I have a job that I like, a photography business I can hardly keep up with, and two homes with tons of good friends, awesome family, a loving puppy, 2 adorable kids, and an amazing husband to go through life with.  

Some days in the middle of everything I forget just how incredibly blessed I am.  Yesterday, was not one of those days.

I woke up to an enjoyable 65* cloudy morning {very rare for Iowa in August!} so I took the kids to the Iowa State Fair for a few hours.  We ate, played, and prepared for the rides we would take daddy on when we came back.  We came home to take afternoon naps and when Adam came home from work my sister came over to watch the kids so we could go out.  

Sidenote::I know my sister rocks, but last night she blew my mind away.  Not only did she play {like a lot!} with both kids, feed them, give them baths {like the most helpful thing a sitter can do!} & take care of Murdock, but she also clipped 40 little nails {a never ending task in this house!} and did my dishes!  {whoop, whoop!}  I owe that girl!

Adam planned the perfect night to celebrate my special day.  He knows me so well.  I like simple, meaningful things.  I requested no gifts, just a few hours with just the two of us.  {I know that sounds selfish, but I celebrated with the kiddos all day}  One of my favorite things to do is to go out to dinner at restaurants that we haven't been to before.  And since it's nearly impossible with two small children, it's something we don't get to do much anymore.  So...he took me to Dos Rios for appetizers {Empanadas & Chips/Salsa} and a Pomegranate Margarita, then to Star Bar {for Garlic Parmesean Fries}, Sakura {for some amazing Sushi}, Creme Cupcake {for a Flourless Chocolate Torte and wine} and lastly to a favorite bar of ours from your early years as 'just friends' :)

I know I've complained that birthdays haven't been the same since I was a kid growing up {Hello...two parties, presents the morning of your birthday, a special birthday dinner out, and more--practically a week long celebration!} but yesterday made up for it.  I'll never have the birthday I had as a kid {my mom rocked it!} but if all of my future birthdays have what I had yesterday, I will be one happy girl for life!  

Thank you to everyone for the birthday love {calls, cards, texts, FB messages, IG shoutouts} you guys really know how to make a girl feel special.  Thank you for that!

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