Monday, August 15, 2011

my day [25]

Today is my day.  I can't believe I'm 25...a 1/4 of a century!  This is the first birthday in several years I can say I'm truly satisfied.  Growing up my mom always said birthday are no big deal [her birthdays that is...she always made our birthdays a BIG deal which I think is why I found myself a little depressed each birthday since I've moved out...but anyways...]  I never really understood my she thought that, but this year I think I'm starting to understand it.  It isn't so much a 'no big deal' feeling, more of a 'totally content' feeling.  I have an amazing husband, a rockstar family, a happy puppy, a healthy baby on the way, a nice condo, a fun lakehouse, a great job and awesome heart is full! 

I mean we still celebrated...lots...and it's been fun, but I'm okay with keeping it simple this year.  No going out, so parties, no cake...just family and relaxation.  

I'm off today...just me.  A day full of everything that makes me happy.  

..a shellack manicure..
..a haircut & color..
..snoozing with my pup..
..a birthday dinner with my family last night..
..spending the weekend with my hubby..
..hearing the baby's heartbeat at a doctor's appointment this morning..
..great gifts & lots of cards & birthday wishes..
..a funnel cake at the state fair with great friends tonight.. what life is all about!
Here's to 25 years of being happy, healthy, and overall blessed!

Thank you to everyone who shows me your love all year make me who I am & for that I am grateful!


  1. Happy Birthday!!! I'm glad you're feeling so blessed. :)

  2. Happy Birthday!!

    umm... no birthday cake?! Are you fricken insane? Content or not... cake is a MUST; don't you think? Surely that baby needs some cake!!

  3. Happiest Birthday!! What a wonderful way to start your 25th year :)

  4. Happy Birthday girlie! I hope you have an amazing day!

  5. Happy Birthday Abby!!! I hope you have a fantastic birthday :)

  6. Happy Birthday! 25 is a great age... I had a blast!

  7. Happy birthday! Sounds like a GREAT day!

  8. Happy Birthday beautiful lady! :)

  9. Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a wonderful birthday:) A day like that sounds perfect!


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