Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Iowa State Fair | 2016

We made it to the fair a couple of different times this year.  First was a Friday that Adam was at work and then out of town for a band gig, so the kids and I went for a couple hours of the morning when it was drizzling rain, and less crowded {yay!}, then home for naps, and back again later that night from about 7-9p.  The second was after work on a Tuesday night {yay for 1/2 price admission -- boo for long lines to get in!}  We had so much fun this year!  The kids are starting to have favorite parts, too.  They both loved looking at the animals {horses mainly, followed by cows & pigs}.  Both requested we ride the 'big slide' as a family, which was super fun -- I always forget how fast that slide goes!  Jordyn was obsessed with the mini donuts {had two bags} & Cullyn with the corn dogs {had two -- one was a foot long!} I didn't get a Snicker on a stick this year {such a shame!} but the 'tater ribbons' with cheese were fantastic!  Our out of focus {happens every time I had my camera over to someone} family photo was my favorite, followed by the kids singing and dancing to a concert on the first Friday night.  Pretty sure Adams highlight was the beer about 20 feet inside the door after he waited an hour in line in the nearly 90* weather {w/ super high humidity} at the front gate.

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  1. I live for our state fair every year. I'm in MN and our fair is going on right now. I will be posting soon. I heard that Iowa has a pretty amazing fair too. Love the pics!!

  2. Love your pictures! I'm with Jordyn- mini donuts all the way!


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