Thursday, August 22, 2013

Iowa State Fair {2013}

Last Thursday our sitter took the day off {since it was the first day of school for her boys} and it happened to be my birthday {& I always have Friday's off} so I decided to take the day off to make a long{er} weekend with the kids.

I'm so glad I did because although the weatherman forecasted rain, the weather turned out to be perfect.  Typically it's about 100*, so I welcomed the cool, cloudy weather and packed up the kids to run a couple of errands and head to the Iowa State Fair.

I had a funnel cake for breakfast and brick oven pizza & a glass of wine for lunch, and still made it home for naps that afternoon.  Since I was solo with the kids we pretty much just walked around and looked at everything.  We saw grape stomping and I almost convinced Jordyn to participate in the 'little hands on the farm' activity where they learn about farming and get rewarded with a treat at the end for all of their hard work, but after she was out of the stroller she wanted nothing to do with it!  :)  So we ended up going to the horse and cattle barns to meet up with my cousin.

It was a great day, but we really wanted to experience it as a family, so Friday night we went back for a while.  This time it was all about the food.  Adam's parents joined us and like last year, we all get a bunch of different foods and share them.  We had a Fair Square {rice crispy treat on a stick}, a Pork Chop on a stick, a Corn Dog, Tator Ribbons, a Deep Fried Snickers Bar, a Funnel Cake, & State Fair Lemonade.  YUM!  Jordyn was most excited for the Big Slide!  She went down it with Daddy & Papa and had the ling not been as long {and the stairs so high!} she would have rode it all night! :)  We didn't stay at the fair as long as we would have liked since Jordyn had no interest in her stroller which made for a stressed {read: grumpy!} mama.  Cullyn puking down the front and back didn't help.  Neither did the fact that I got almost NO photos before the sun went down.  ::sigh::

All in all it was another great year at the fair.  We hope to make it a tradition to take the kids for one day each year.

State Fair 2012

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  1. Looks like a blast! Your photos of every day life are always so perfect too!! :)


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