Friday, January 29, 2016

Photos on Friday :: Brocka Family

I'm super behind on showing sneak peeks, but here is one of my favorite families!  Meet the Brocka's.  Every time I photography them, I'm transported back to my 11 year old self when Mike or Faythe would pick me up from my parents home to go babysit the boys.  At that time, Harry was 2 and Leo was a newborn.  Oskar wasn't even a thought yet.  And now the oldest is in college and the other two in high school.  I'll let you do the math.  Where does time go?!

I met them on their beautiful property on the perfect September day back in my hometown, Denver.  They boys were so sweet and helped me carry my equipment everywhere.

And we always take a themed photo.  Faythe loves Wicked and the boys' were sporting their superhero shirts. 

You can view their session from Fal1 2013 here

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