Monday, July 13, 2015

This & That {w.28}

Did this:
Photographed a pregnancy announcement :)
Got our family photos back!!
Gave a stranger $100 {a bucket list item}
Went out for Ice Cream {twice}
Explored downtown Des Moines {ate lunch from the food trucks + splashed in the fountains}
Went {night} swimming 
Took the kids back to my parents
Watched the circus
Went to Magic Mike XXL with my friend

Instagrammed that:

Edited this:

Shot that:

Scheduled this:


  1. Those signs for the preg announcement are so awesome! LOVE it.

    1. Thanks! My MIL got them for my for Christmas on year from a cute shop in a little town {how's that for vague...haha!} ;)


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