Sunday, July 12, 2015

On my mind...

Now that we're not selling {for now anyways.  We're throwing around the idea of listing it now that this all went down} I thought I would post this as it's a fairly significant blurp in our story of 2015...
I'm writing this at 5a on July 12th.  I've been awake since 2a
This is one of those rambling posts, mainly for me, but to catch everyone up as well. 

On the 4th of July, Adam got a call from his cousin asking if we would be willing to rent our condo.  The lakehouse full of family, without hesitation, I smiled and said 'yep!'  Afterall, we have talked about moving out of the condo since before Jordyn was born, so it only seemed natural to agree and move forward with the process.  We gave them the code to the house and they looked through it.  They text afterwards saying they were interested.

After a little more thought and a discussion with Adam, we decided we would only consider renting our house if there was an intent to buy.  The market for condos in our town is low, so the thought of them renting for a few months {just long enough for us to get everything moved out and get settled somewhere else} and then moving somewhere else is something is just not worth putting my family {me?} though.

So we offered to sell to them for what we owe.  Backstory...Adam bought the condo as they were building them.  Went upside down in it when the housing market crashed & they put up tons more condo units in town.  We finally are in the positive again, so we feel like it would be fair to both to let them basically assume our loan {we could get to walk away from it and they would be starting with some equity} 

They walked through the house yesterday with Adam and verbally agreed to everything.  So Monday we begin the process of selling our condo. 

I know that this is the next step for us and that it's the best thing right now.  I also know that this news would have been much more joyful last year, when I hadn't yet embraced the condo.  Over the last year I realized how nice our condo is.  Granted it's not practical for a family of 4 {5? Murd!} but it really is a nice place.  I love the tall ceilings.  And that everything is on one level.  Plus we have huge closets!

I guess I'm just a bit overwhelmed with emotions right now.  I can't say that I'm blindsided, because I know this is a big life event, and I assumed I would be sad.  Afterall, this is the first home Adam and I ever lived in.  We decided to adopt Murdock at this condo.  Plus I brought both of my babies home from the hospital here.  They learned to walk on these floors. 

So bare with me.  I'm a little nervous to get my hopes up.  I little anxious of the new possibilities.  I lot overwhelmed with logistics - packing, moving, transferring everything {doctors, mail/bills, preschool/daycare/activities} Terrified to move back to a small town.  Excited for the opportunities for our children.  Sad to leave the house, the town, the city, our friends.  Wondering what this means for our jobs.  And totally unsure how much to push and how much to leave up to Him.

I'm sure many of you have questions.  Feel free to ask, although the truth is, it's likely I don't yet know the answer.  There are so many questions I still have...

Will I keep working at the hospital?  Should I find a job closer to the lake? 
Could Adam transfer to the location closer to our lakehouse {even for the winter}?
Do we start looking for another house now? 
Do we wait for a year, 3, 5 so we can pay more debt off?
Where do we want to relocate to?
Do we want the kids to go to a small school?
Should we try to find a new sitter near the lake {& lose the one we were so very much looking forward to starting in August?}
Is this the leap to staying home/pursuing photography full time that I've been praying for?
Can we transition our insurance, flex spending, investments, etc. right now?
How long can we handle the drive?  Will I have to change my work hours?
What city should we rent storage space in?
Can we keep driving 60+ miles for our favorite providers? {physicians, pediatrician, dentist, ophthalmologist, etc.}
Should we pull the kids from their preschool and find a different school to enroll in?
Don't forget to...cancel the gym membership, transfer the cable/internet/utilities, etc.
Do we let Jordyn start dance like she was enrolled in?  Is there even a dance studio near the lake?


  1. wow... so.many.changes!!! I hope it all works out for the best for you guys. Although scary it also sounds exciting.

    1. Yes...lots of changes!!! Thanks for the positive vibes!! :)

  2. Clearly I'm just catching up!! So you are moving??

    1. No, we were all set to move out {with very little notice} but the buyers financing fell through, so we're back at step one. We're deciding whether we want to put it on the market yet, or just stay put for a while. SO much to think about!


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