Thursday, April 23, 2015

Cullyn's 2nd Birthday Party {football} *Includes Details

The morning of Cullyn's 2nd Birthday, he actually woke up in our bed.  In the night he wet through his diaper, so we striped him down and let him finish the last few hours of rest in our bed.  So I snuck out and moved all of the balloons from his room to ours. About 7:30 Jordyn came in and woke us all up! :)

As for the party itself, I kept it pretty simple this year.  I emailed out an invitation that looked like a sporting event ticket since we wanted to do a football themed party for our ball loving boy!  On the ticket stub, I asked all of the guests to wear their favorite sporting team apparel for an added element of fun {and comfort since the party was taking place on a Sunday!}  

My oldest niece helped me cut out & put up the printables the night before.
I just asked for one nice'll see my wish did not come true...

The Food...

Adam grilled bacon cheese burgers, brats, hotdogs & we served with nachos & cheese, popcorn, peanuts, cotton candy, soda, & beer -- typical stadium food.

The take home goodies {full-sized, wrapped candy bars}...

It was so cute, he sang himself Happy Birthday the entire time! :)


This was hands down the gift winner this year.  My parents made Cullyn his own plexiglass board {as requested because he loved it}.  In case anyone is thinking about making one, you'll want to buy the neon markers as they're the ones that show up best. 

You'll see Jordyn was very helpful... :)

The littlest guests... {8 kids 8 & under}

The morning started with rain, then turned chilly, became warm & sunny {during the party}, cooled down, & ended with a huge storm {that brought water into the kitchen door of the lakehouse before we left}.
::The details::
Theme | Football {inspired by our Superbowl Party}
Location | Our Lakehome
Food | Stadium Inspired
Pinata | Party City
Printables | all c/o PunchyPaperStudio
Campfire S'Mores set | c/o of an Etsy shop {that's on vacation}
Wooden Bowling set | c/o of BeautifulLilMonsters
Alligator {rubber band} Gun | Pick Your Plum


  1. What an AMAZING birthday! I love the beginning with the balloons in bed!

    1. It was amazing, indeed! They both loved the balloons! :) {fun, easy, cheap way to start the day in 'party mode'] :)

  2. What a sweet birthday!! Love all the details!! I still need to post Noah's habana! Love the balloons in bed!!

    1. Thanks! Well since I posted about his 1st birthday EIGHT months late, I thought I better make up for it by posting about his 2nd in a more timely manner--haha! :)

  3. Ok this is awesome!!! I want to steal this idea even though I don't like football!! ha ha LOVE all the details. SO cute.


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