Thursday, March 19, 2015

Cullyn's Birthday Wishlist | 2 Years

One month from today, we'll be celebrating Cullyn's 2nd Birthday!
I know it sounds silly to label this Cullyn's wishlist considering he will only be two and wouldn't care if he got anything at all, but since family is always asking for ideas, I try to come up with a few things I think he needs/would like.  
The truth is, he has everything he needs and more already, so this basically a list of luxury gifts that we don't already have.  Aside from the sandals, which are a legit need, the rest are just things I think he {and his sister would like}.  He got these same sandals for his 1st birthday and wore them all.the.time!  We'll be getting him {them} new beds/bedding for their room.  Since we will be transitioning him out of his bed {next week}, I think the alarm clock that changes color when it's an acceptable time to get up will be helpful.  The kids love art & being outside, so I'm positive the chalk paint will be a hit!  Since we take picnics {all the time!} I know the Boon Snack boxes will be loved!  As for the plexiglass art easel, I'm assuming he won't get one {they're so expensive, and time consuming to make}, but he {they} played with one this weekend and absolutely loved it!  


Thanks for taking the time to read some of our story & especially for commenting!

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