Friday, November 1, 2013

Our Family Photos {Fall 2013}

It was 40* & drizzling rain, but I was determined to get 15 minutes of photos of my family.  Thank you to my MIL, FIL, Mom, & Dad for all of their help {wiping noses, giving snacks, keeping everyone happy and in their places}.  I'm so happy to finally have a photo of my whole family! :)


  1. The pictures are perfect!! I see something similar in my future with trying to get the dogs to look and the babe. Good luck to Mike's parents haha. Maybe by then I won't be soo picky!! Lol

  2. That is one very good looking family right there. Your pictures turned out great!

  3. Amazing!! I Love them!! Your outfits are awesome too, so nice!


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