Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Are You Done? {having kids that is}

From the day I delivered Jordyn, I was asked 'so, when will you guys try for your second?'
And then the second we shared that H2 was a boy, people I started asking 'so is this your last?'

So…here is my attempt to answer the infamous question, 'Will you guys be having more children?' 

I'm always nervous to answer this question.  It's like if our plans change I will be called a lier or something!

The short answer, we don't know.  Maybe?  Hopefully not!

There are just so many factors that play into the answer of this question.  Would we love more? Yes!  Are we so very blessed to have two healthy, happy children when so many others struggle to have any at all? Yes.  Are we deathly afraid of losing the 'man to man defense' as we like to call it? Yes!  Sometimes there just isn't enough of us to go around as it is, so adding another one, two?  Three?! to the mix is a little scary.  And of course we have the practical factor which is the cost of children {daycare, college funds, monthly experiences}.  And lets not forget that we live in a little condo and drive a small SUV {which would require the purchase of a larger home and a minivan/large SUV}

If we're being 100% honest right now, Adam is perfectly content with the two wonderful children we have now.  He feels like they complete our family.  And we both feel like we will be able to provide them with everything we want.  Mainly time, but assets {car, college, etc.} & experiences {yearly vacations, sports camps, etc.} as well.  But me?  I would like to wait a couple {maybe three} more years and have two {or three?!} more {close together like Jordyn & Cullyn}.

So for everything I just mentioned {& more} we have decided to love and enjoy the two little blessings we have right now and discuss our options again in a few years.  I'm certain God will lead us in the right directions when the time comes.  Who knows?  Adoption my even be in our future.


  1. I asked Josh last night how long he wants to wait for baby #2. He told me it was completely up to me. I think if he decides, we'll pop out one a year for the next 5-6 years, lol.

  2. People are so funny - the questions just come no matter what - hello we just has a baby or just got married!! I love that adoption may be in your future, we have always said that too! :)

  3. Whether or not you want to expand your family again is YOUR choice. I don't understand why it's anyone else's business.


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