Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!  

We are laying low tonight.  For a few reasons, one of them being my sick little man.  I took him to Urgent Care last night {so neither of us had to miss work tomorrow}.  Of course on the way there he fell asleep and was an angel!  I was trying to tell the doctor that he has pretty much been been crying in some form {whimper all the way to scream} for the past 36 hours.  He looked at me like I was a freak and recommended some over the counter cream for his diaper rash and told me he's teething.  Urgent Care doctors {not all, but this one, the one I swear I always get} really irritate me sometimes.  I should have just waited and taken him to our Pediatrician this morning.  Nevertheless, I've been up with a sad baby boy since 2am.  :(
I know he looks happy at the clinic, but he truly was NOT happy!
Our neighborhood celebrates Trick or Treating {or Beggars night like they call it…isn't that weird?!} the night before {last night}.  It was pouring yesterday morning {and was supposed to continue through today}, so for that reason {& a few others} we cancelled our plans to to do the whole 'costumes and strollers' up and down the block last night.  Of course it ended up clearing off and being a PERFECT night for Trick-or-Treating.  So we decided to go over and visit Auntie Ashy & Uncle Myles to help them hand out candy.  Luckily the kids are still a little too small to understand what they missed.
Treats for the daycare kids today. {Last year we made faces on little plastic Mandarin Orange containers}
The night before last, Jess and I took the kids for a little Trick-or-Treating in a little portion of our town.  The weather was good & they held the event a little earlier, so it worked out great.  Jess and I did decide that next year we will be bringing some booze-filled tumblers for the event though! :)

We also celebrated Halloween with a party at daycare last Friday.  Miss Kristie asked me to help with the party {my IRL friends know I live for stuff like that.  Yes, I am so that mom!} :)  We took decorated pumpkin cookies, hunted for candy, and took photos in their halloween costumes.  {we planned to paint pumpkins, but ran out of time, so we just sent them home to do with their parents}  Super fun, a little tricky since the kids are 4mo, 6mo, 13mo, 15mo, 2, & 3, but I can't wait to do it again next year!  Also?  I can promise my hubby that I will not be having 6 kids! ;)

Our Zoo... Zebra {J | 24  months} & Giraffe {C | 6 months}
So even though we missed out on trick or treating last night, we still did plenty of celebrating!

PS...Trick or just isn't what it used to be, huh?  I swear when we were kids, the streets were FILLED with kids and we SPRINTED from door to door.  That being said, I'm not sure that we'll participate it much 'open' Trick-or-Treating because of all of the sickos out there. :/  What are your thoughts on this?  

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  1. They don't celebrate halloween here, but like you, the girls are too young to know. We did our own type of party. I helped host, which I plan to post about in the next few days. We let the girls hand out candy at the Fall Fest that is this weekend. I don't really worry about the kids getting sick. My concern is the candy these days. A's oldest enough to want it and ask and beg and then pitch a fit, so I limit her to the amount. And sometimes it is just easier to avoid it all together to steer clear of a melt down. Looks like you had fun with all the festivities! Hope little man feels better soon.


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