Tuesday, October 29, 2013

How to throw a Halloween Party for 6 Kids for under $10

I was asked to help throw the Halloween Party at daycare this year.  {Side note…I am totally not one of those moms that finds this a burden…I LIVE to be asked to be the 'room mom' :) }  Since 5 of the 6 kids are two and under, I didn't want to spend too much money on this party.  We planned it for two hours, so I figured we would need about 4 activities.
All images taken from Google
We started by getting the kids in their halloween costumes and taking an individual photo of each as well as a group photo.  I downloaded a free, printable Halloween banner from the internet {40 minutes, free} Then we decorated pumpkin cookies {luckily my mom is awesome and made all the sugar cookies for me ahead of time, making this a super easy event} with frosting. {30 minutes, cookies & colored frosting} After cookie decorating, Miss Kristie let the kids hunt for Halloween candy outside {20 minutes, a bag of candy} Lastly I brought mini pumpkins for each kid to decorate a pumpkin and take home as a favor {30 minutes, 6 Mini Pumpkins & Paint}

Camera | Had at home
Printable Halloween Banner | Downloaded from a Website {free}
Bag of Mini Pumpkins | $3
Paints | Had at home
Halloween Candy | $4
Cookies | Gram made with J
Frosting | $3
Sprinkles | Had at home

May or may not want to budget for adult cocktails after spending a day with six kids, three an under! :)


  1. I told you I would be back to read this, and here I am! I am seriously impressed! These are the types of activities I plan for our holiday parties as well :) Nice work!!


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