Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Appointments! {organization really}

Oh you guys…how do you keep up with everything?!  I only have two kids and I feel like I'm constantly running all over the place.  I really want 5, but honestly don't know that I could physically be there to manage them all.  These are just some of the appointments we have had this month.  Seriously?!  Now I know why it feels like we always have medical bills!  I may have to quit my job just to keep up with all of our appointments. Not to mention daily stuff, gym schedules, dinner/play dates, etc.  ::sigh::

For those interested, my friend recommended the app called Cozi and we've been using it lately.  It's pretty handy... user-friendly, free, and you can give each person a different color to keep track of who is where.  Plus, it's a 'family app' so you and your spouse {or whoever} can all login the same account so it's on everyone's calendar with just one update.  Any other apps you use to keep your family {or self} organized? 

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  1. I feel the same way - just this week alone, I worked from Tuesday 3-5 and today 11:30 until now. When you get pregnant, I swear doctor's appointments start to take over your life and apparently it's just preparation for having kids! We have medical bills that roll in every other day, too. I just got to the point where I budget $200 each month to whatever medical bills need to get paid and when there's money left over, then it gets thrown in savings. Sad that even with insurance, "medical" becomes a monthly bill!

  2. I have an iPhone and love the calendar - m and I share it so we always know what's going on. Bills are in there, my appts, my moms, plans, functions, etc all color coded! I'd be lost without it! M and I also don't end up double booking ourselves anymore either'!


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