Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Apps J Loves {12-18 Months}

We tried to keep J away from screens until she was two, but we're finding out it's nearly impossible!  Although she has yet to watch TV, she was forever crying that we wouldn't let her play with our iPhones.  As a compromise to keep my sanity I dug out an old iTouch that we had but never used and our old tablet that also never gets used and threw some kid friendly apps on them.  She likes both, so we alternate between whichever is charged, but ultimately the battery life on the iTouch is better and it looks very similar to ours, so she ends up using that most.  I must admit, it's kind of adorable to watch her walk around the house and play apps or start music on her iTouch.

Anyways...the purpose of this post...Here are some {free} apps that J likes.  Note: if you have an iTouch put it on 'airplane mode' so they can't click any popups...it's PERFECT!!

iTot Cards
ABC Tracer
My First Apps
Shapes & Colors
ABC Touch
Baby Sign
White Noise
Draw Free
Letter Quiz
Puppet Show
Animal Puzzle
Achieve It With Sesame Street
Toddler's Preschool Zoo Animals Puzzle
Baby Preschool Zoo Animals Puzzle

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