Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Playroom {Guest Bedroom} Reveal...

In our condo we have just 3 bedrooms.  Which was fine when it was just two of us, and really with three of us.  We had a room for us, a room for J, and a guest bedroom.
Upon finding out we were expecting H2 Adam wanted a  room for each of us.  But I had other ideas... like getting my living room back!  My plan {turned 'our plan' after some discussion} was to keep our room and put both of the kids in the 2nd room {regardless of the gender, I like it when kids share a bedroom.  Now, ask me when both kids are sleeping in the same room and one wakes the other up...}.  We would then make our guest bedroom a playroom/guest bedroom.

I've showed some sneaks {on IG} of the room in progress....

And here is the final* product...
Metal letter & numbers :: made by an AMAZING friend!
Paint :: Lowes {bottom half is chalkboard paint}
White shelving :: made by my husband and father {with lots of complaining}
P crayon :: idea from Pinterest {still missing the 'lay' to make it say PLAY}
Crayon canvas art :: idea from Pinterest
White tissue poms :: leftover from Jordyn's 1st Birthday Party
Colored pencil photo frame :: Christmas gift from my MIL from a little boutique in Pella, IA
God made you sign :: Christmas gift from my MIL from a little boutique in Pella, IA
Chandelier thing :: CB2 {years ago}
Playroom Rules Sign :: the Giftshop at the hospital I work at
Bookshelf :: Christmas gift for J {2011} Ordered from StepOne
Dress Up Box :: made by my BIL for J's 1st Birthday

Bookshelf :: Christmas gift for J {2011} Ordered from StepOne
Storage Bench :: Purchased from Penny's Home Store several years ago
Bedding :: Purchased from Pottery Barn several years ago
Pillows :: CB2, Pottery Barn, Target, and Etsy

*Note: It's not really final.  Pretend like the photoframe on the A-Z shelving is filled {with a photo of my kid playing, not printing from the manufacturer}.  The have curtains {purchased} waiting to be hung.  We have lots of colorful balls to be hung from the ceiling for some fun dimension {but do you think I can remember when I put the metal things for inside them?!}.  There are several pillow cases {waiting for pillows} to be added to the bed.  So this is really the 'for now' product! :)  Enjoy!


  1. OMG that looks amazing!!!! I want to come visit and stay there!!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  2. This is so cute!! I love it! I love the metal letters!! So great! Nice work.

  3. Love the colors!! Those letters are adorable!! I think the kids will love their new space!!


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