Saturday, February 23, 2013

{16 Months}

New this month...
Sleeping in your BIG GIRL BED!! :)
You started saying baby and have kissed mama's belly a couple of times!
You're covering your mouth when you cough :)

You love...
Fresh air & anything electronic that lights up or talks
Playing with your toys
Standing up in the bathtub
Playing music on your iTouch or dancing to daddy's guitar

Favorite foods...
We're giving you more and more of the food we eat like oatmeal, chicken quesadillas, grilled cheese, & chicken nuggets.  I'm starting to let you have grapes and peanut butter.

You'll pretty much repeat anything we ask you to now
Still working on your eye teeth {have been for over a month now...}
You smile lots and laugh and giggle.  You also scream when you're being chased! :)

Your typical schedule...
7-8 Wake
8:30 Breakfast [oatmeal, scrambled eggs, or a banana/fruit bar]
11:30 Lunch [veggie--peas/beans, fruit--oranges/peaches, applesauce or yogurt]
12:30 Nap [1-2 hours]
4 Snack [fruit bar, puffs, cheerios, raisins, cranberries, veggie sticks, granola]
5:30 Dinner [veggie, fruit, and part of our meal]
7 Bath [every other night]
7:30-8 Bed

Games you play...
High Five/Ten
Throw the ______ in the trash
Go put this in your laundry basket...

You are really starting to act like a little toddler.  You're starting to understand what we say and be a helper.  It's crazy to think you'll be a big sister in just 2 months!  :)

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