Friday, February 12, 2010

fill in the blank friday...

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1. I am hoping my Valentine's day this year includes,  some Romance since it's our 1st Valentine's as Husband & Wife .

2. My biggest guilty pleasure is  this blog in-particular.  It drives Adam crazy...he truly believes I cannot live without my computer.  I use it for EVERYTHING !

3. I am most proud of  my mom.  I have thee best mom out there and I hope to God that I am half the woman she is someday.  She raised 3 wonderful women and is a beautiful, kind, loving, caring, smart Mother [wife/sister/housekeeper/babysitter/aunt/baker...] .

4. If I could choose one outfit to live in it would be  sweats & flipflops & my wedding ring .

5. People are  all hurting for some reason, weather we know it or not, so remember that next time you want to get upset with someone or think they have the perfect life.  Life on earth is not perfect for any person .

6. I would rather  be healthy and happy  than  be rich... although i would like to be 'comfortable' .

7. I love my  whole entire family  more than  anything else in this world .

P.S. I stole this layout [& answers 6&7!] from Kassi.  Thank You!


  1. LOL, my husband has grown jealous of my computer, too! LOL
    Thanks for finding me...I'm following you now also!

  2. My computer/the internet should be considered my best friend. I pay attention to it more than anything else!

  3. Hello! I am following your from TTT Follow Friday. I hope you will return the follow and come by to my blog. I have two, but my main one (with giveaways) is A Blonde Walks Into A Blog. Happy Valentines Day, Juliana

  4. Great answers, what a great compliment for your mamma, and my computer, I think its more of an addiction for me. I can't do anything without it either.

    Have a great V day.


  5. awww! your little family is so cute and your pup is precious!

    thanks for playing along and filling in the blanks this week.

    hope your first married valentine's day was lovely and filled with romance ♥.



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