Monday, January 23, 2017

NYC Day 1 | Top of the Rock, Central Park, LOVE sign, & Ray's Pizza

We landed and made it to our hotel around noon if I remember right.  After checking into the hotel in midtown, we went directly to the food carts and walked and walked and walked!  We basically spent the day taking in New York City!  The sun was shining and we were loving it!

After the food cards, we walked to Radio City music hall to see NBC and get tickets for Top of the Rock at sunset and made our way up to Central Park.  We were on a hunt to find the granite slide which ended up being quite the feat! ;). 

Seeing Central Park for the first time was so surreal!  It was nothing like I imagined it, yet just like I imagined.  Weird, right?  I expected it to be huge like it was, but I didn't expect it to be like so many different parks in one location.  The granite slide was teeny tiny, but super fun!  We all went down it. ;)  I remember missing my kids terribly, wishing they were going down it with us -- they would have loved it!!  Afterwards my mama treated us to a carriage ride around the park -- such a special ride!

After Central Park, we walked through the Plaza Hotel {from Home Alone}, saw a few Trump Towers, and even found the LOVE sign.

Next we stopped into Ray's Pizza for dinner and got a slice of delicious, cheap pizza!

After pizza we headed to Rockefeller Plaza to watch the sunset from the Top Of The Rock.

After a day of travel, we called it an early night.

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