Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tumbling | Cullyn

A couple of months ago, we enrolled Cullyn in gymnastics.  He was getting a little jealous of sissy's dance class {basically just wanting to join her class} and we realized we he was probably ready for an extracurricular sport as well.  Many of the real 'boy' activities {wrestling, basketball, soccer, karate etc.} don't start before three {or in some cases 5} around here and he has a huge love for climbing, so I thought tumbling would be a good idea.  

As it turns out, the class for 2 year olds is a parent/toddler class {we actually had Jordyn enrolled for a short bit right before she turned 2!} which we didn't feel would be the best option for Cullyn {he tends to be more 'spirited' when I'm around & it's on Friday morning when Adam is at work}.  It's in the same building as Jordyn & Cullyn's preschool, so we know all the teachers, staff, & director well.  They insisted that he would be able to keep up with the 3/4 year old class {which is coach led} and to enroll him in that {*The staff at Triad is so freaking awesome!}  So we did.  Bonus that his tumbling class is right before his preschool class on Fridays.

So he's a foot shorter and over a year younger than most of the kids, but I can assure you, if it weren't for the physical characteristics, you would never know.  He is small but mighty, that is for sure! 

Small class due to Spring Break

Not in his class, just bored waiting & telling me that I should let her tumble too!

For size comparison {crying emoji goes here!} ;)

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