Monday, January 25, 2016

This & That {w4}

Did this:
Took stills with a film company for a video
Had a donut date with the kids
Got a new camera
Went on a date with Jordyn
Let Jordyn have her first play date
Had friends over for dinner
Hosted my SIL, BIL & their kids for dinner and a sleepover
Went to church
Took the kids skiing at Seven Oaks
Went to the gym 3 times

Instagrammed that:

Edited this:

Shot that:

Scheduled this:
T: House Update *For real this week!
F: A Photo {Brocka Family}


  1. Wow good job on working with a film company!!! Such awesome potential there!! Sounds like a busy week! I could use a donut date haha

    1. was super fun! Busy, as always, but so worth it! I could use a donut date every day! ;)


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