Monday, July 20, 2015

This & That {w.29}

It was soo warm {& humid!} this week, but it's supposed to drop down to the 80's with less humidity this week, so we're all looking forward to that!
Did this:
Left the kids with my parents for the week :(
Saw Magic Mike XXL with a friend
Packed up a bunch of stuff for a garage sale this fall
Ordered a couple new rings! {Code: MURDOCK for 10% off!}
Met my sister for lunch at the food trucks 
Had a dinner at Centro with Adam to celebrate an unexpected raise
Got new toys in the mail for Cullyn
Went to ZooBrew with Adam & other friends
Had dinner out again {can you tell we were kid free this week?!} ;) this time at Malo
Volunteered for LoveLunches in our community
Photographed a newborn, Kingston
Took the kids to the pool, on a bike ride, & our for slushies
Went shopping with the kids
Had a family day which included a donut date for breakfast and an afternoon at the pool

Instagrammed that:

Edited this:

Shot that:
[I haven't dumped my photos yet this week, so I'll have to add this later]

Scheduled this:


  1. Soo much fun!! Love that you volunteer!! Yay for date nights!! So wait - are you moving or no? Soo confused!

    1. No. It all fell through. The buys couldn't get financed. :(


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