Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Jordyn + Cullyn 29|52

If I'm keeping it real here, I have no photos of the kids last week {aside from iPhone pics} since they were with Gram & Papa Monday-Thursday & Grandma Joy on Friday.  And even though we spent tons of time together {doing photo-worthy stuff} on Saturday/Sunday, I apparently wasn't intersted in taking photos.  To be honest, it didn't even cross my mind.  Clearly I've been preoccupied lately!  All that to say these are iPhone pics {as if you wouldn't be able to tell}.  And since we're talking about iPhones...I shattered my screen for the first time ever last night.  :(


Jordyn | Going down the waterslide {this was before she decided to start doing it without her lifejacket} :: After she applied her make up {she does really good for a 3 year old!} :: On our donut date Sunday morning


Cullyn | Loving the slide on Friday {no matter how much water he swallows} | Working like daddy on Saturday | Different waterpark on Sunday

Thought it was funny to sit in each others car seats while running errands
Also thought it was hilarious to play in the little dog kennel {we dog sat our friends 2 pups this weekend}
Late night bike ride in jammies for DQ slushies
Favorite pool snack - frozen yogurt!
Playing with new water toys at the pool on Sunday.   
the Kids! | Clearly lots of water time this week.  It was HOT!

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