Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Valentine's Weekend 2015

I babysat a 4 month old baby on this day, so other than preschool we didn't do much.  However, by 5 o'clock I was exhausted {more on life with 3 under 3 soon!}.  My sister and her husband offered to take the kids overnight so Adam and I could celebrate Valentine's Day.  About 5:30 they came over to pick up the kids & the minivan! :)  Adam got home from work about 6p and we agreed we should really go 'out' to do something to fully utilize the 'overnight sitter' we had.  As it turns out, grumpy husbands and tired wives don't make the best combination.  We decided to stay in after weighing our options...dinner out {all the nice restaurants would be booked} movie theatre {Adam wasn't in the mood} or bar hop around town {I wasn't interested since it was sooo cold!}.  I ended up taking a nice, long bubble bath while Adam ran to the grocery store for a few things.  We had a pizza delivered and rented a movie.  I woke up on the couch at 9:15 {no idea when I fell asleep} and later, left Adam sleeping in the chair as I climbed into bed.  We are such an old married couple!

I was in a bit of a funk.  Adam woke up at like 6a to leave and go butcher a hog.  Nothing quite says Happy Valentine's Day like that!  But he reminded me that we have two small kids and we're always running and that it was okay that we crashed last night.  He said he would make a nice dinner when he got home.
I quickly ran to the grocery store sans kids--Happy Valentine's Day to me!!! {parents know what a blessing this is}  I picked up the kids from my sister's house and we went to the gym for a bit.  I ran 8 miles while chatting with my sister & group texting the rest of my family {tell me we aren't the only family that gets out of hand with this}  After the gym we picked up a pizza, because that's only natural, right?!  The kids and I had a pizza picnic in the living room while watching Rio2.  We played, we took naps, we baked daddy Cherry Chip Cookies.  After the Cullyn went to bed that night, Adam cooked dinner.  Jordyn and I painted our nails and drank from fancy glasses while listening to Adam pretend he was hosting a cooking show. :)  Jordyn went to bed and we enjoyed a candlelit Chicken Marsala dinner {one of my favorites} and a glass or two of wine.

A few gifts -- Jordyn made out well because I forgot I had already gotten her a few things on clearance last year
The kids were up bright and early, as usual, on Sunday.  We went to church and listened to a wonderful message that couldn't have come at a better time.  It was about why God doesn't answer all of our prayers the way we think he should.  I won't go into detail, but it really hit home.  I needed that!  After church we hung out around home--snuggling, playing, cleaning, reading, lounging, eating {all the Valentine's candy & baked goods!}  It was a perfect Sunday, we needed an afternoon like that.  After naps, Adam took Jordyn to sports class and I took Cullyn for a 'date' :)

Valentine's Day sure has changed over the years, but it was just perfect for us this year.  We're really trying to slow down and focus our time and attention on our family, and that's just what we did!

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  1. They are adorable. Add in Murdock and I die!! Sounds like an awesome weekend. We are an old couple too!!

    1. It's totally worth it! It felt so nice to be rested & refreshed coming to work on Monday!

  2. Oh my gosh I just can't with these pictures, they're adorable!


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