Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Our Valentines {Daycare + Preschool + Friends} 2015

We finished the kids' Valentine's for daycare {Thursday}, preschool {Friday}, & Friends {Saturday}

less than 50 cents a piece
Jordyn's were easy.  I took a photo of her with her hand held out {and away from her face}, added the text 'I'm a SUCKER for you!' and printed them {at a local 1 hour photo--not great quality, but I'm sure they'll all be thrown away anyways}  Last night Adam cut the two slits in them, Jordyn handed me suckers to 'thread' through them, and then I gave them back to her to pack.  Easy peesy {less than 5 minutes after printing}. 

less than $1 a piece {with packaging} -- I think it would also be cute to just tape the car to the photo, too.
Cullyn's were also easy, but required a few more 'supplies' I took a photo of Cullyn, added the text 'I WHEELIE like you!' and printed them {Again--at a local 1 hour photo}.  I had a leftover clear bags from a previous project, but you can also get them at craft stores.  I bought the race cars at Dollar Tree {3 cars for $1}.  I sealed the baggies with washi tape that I had on hand. 

Quick, easy, inexpensive. -- which is nice considering we made dozens! :)
yet -- personalized, cute, & fun.

Thank you Pinterest! :)


  1. Oh man I love both of them. So cute!!!

  2. These are amazing!!! I cannot wait for preschool so I can do fun stuff like this. You rock mama!

    1. Thanks...I can't wait to hand them out! :) I love these days...May Day is my favorite {as as long as I'm living, we WILL celebrate--even if nobody else does anymore! haha!}

  3. Awesome.Both look cute.
    Great pictures.
    Keep the good work going.


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