Monday, August 11, 2014

This & That {v.31}

Did this:
Survived 'first day' with new students {if you lived it, you would know this is a big deal!}
Bought new running shoes {happy early birthday to me!}
Took the kids to daycare on Wednesday because Adam had an early meeting {again, this is blogworthy when it only happens once a month!} :)
Had a guitar jam session on Tuesday night. Man we missed those!
Finished Alicia & Brad's wedding photos
Took the afternoon off to take Jordyn to a movie {Rio 2}  and then run errands
Went to the lake for the weekend, which means ice cream with family and s'mores over the fire with friends
Finished Hailey & Taylor's wedding session {notice a theme here?  trying to get caught up before my next wedding this weekend!} :)
Took Jordyn fishing {well her dad and Grandpa Dean did, I just photographed!} where she caught her first 3{!!} fish and picked up a worm! {Go Jordy!}
Cullyn ate fresh Iowa sweet corn a few times this week.  He loves it!

Celebrated my nephews 14th birthday!
Played cribbage before bed with Adam

Attempted a fun family day on Sunday, but it just wasn't supposed to be!  We did finally make it out on the boat for a few hours Sunday afternoon before heading home to get ready for the week. 

Instagrammed that

Shot this: 
Nothing!  Can you believe I didn't touch my cameras {except iPhone} all week?!

Edited that:

Wanting this: 
& thinking about splurging on it for my birthday :)
Hoping that:I'll get lots of Florida posts posted {for myself} this week. 

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