Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Florida | The House

I'll mainly let the photos do the talking today, but I spent a lot of time finding 'the perfect' rental house for this vacation and I must say, while rather pricey, it was worth the money.  It was on the beach and had a pool, our only two requirements.  Well, other than sleeping all 8 of us. :)

Dining/Living room

Our room 
Ashley & Myles' room
The Master Suite {my parents' room} with full bath & walk-out to the deck.  They also kept the kids' most nights. :)

View from the patio

Dining Room
Ocean View
Jordyn & I on the beach outside out house.  {lots of sea turtle getting ready to hatch}
Exterior of our house

We had three different paths from our house to the beach 

Our pool {where Jordyn learned to swim, with a lifejacket, on her own!} 
So many memories made in this house. :)

To read about the drive to {& from} Florida go here

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