Tuesday, May 13, 2014

sister in laws

As an Aunt that doesn't want to miss a thing, my sister in laws can drive me crazy with their lack of planning {I can't be the only one that scheduled holidays & birthday parties a year out, am I?!}, but I could not ask for two more loving, caring, and kind sister-in-laws.  They always make my feel like my kids are the center of their world {even though I know how crazy their lives are, each running after 3 school aged kids themselves}.  But most importantly, they both have shown me how to love my husband better.  I look up to them so often and I couldn't be more proud to celebrate our 5 year anniversary as they celebrate 10 and 15 years of marriage with their spouses. 

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  1. Aw that's so sweet! I won't be gaining any sisters on Izzy's side (he has 2 brothers - the one is a total ladies man that'll never settle down and the other's wife supposedly hates everyone but my brother is getting married to a great girl so I'm hoping we can get close eventually!


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