Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

First of all...I hope all of the mama's out there had a fabulous Mother's Day.  I never truly understood the sacrifice my Mom went through until I became a mama myself!  From wearing last years swimsuit because the kids need new ones this year, to driving a minivan instead of a sporty car, to losing friendships because you just don't have time for everyone anymore.  Oh, and let's not even get into how much sleep gets sacrificed! :)  So thank you mom for your sacrifices.  You are a ridiculously awesome mom {& Gram} and I have no idea what I would do without you!  You've taught me so much {probably more than I even know} and I hope I become half the mom you are. I also want to say Happy Mother's Day to my mother in law.  She is one of the kindest and most loving people I know.  She treats me like I'm her daughter and loves my children dearly.  She also gave me my husband, so for that I'm forever grateful.  I hope you were able to rest your feet and do something for yourself today! :)  A huge HMD to all of the other mom's that have impacted my life.  I'm so blessed to still have two grandmas, many aunts, two fabulous sister-in-laws, and so many great friends that have all taught me something valuable about motherhood.  Thank you.

My 1st Mother's Day was spent driving home from Oklahoma with my 7 month old baby girl.  My 2nd Mother's Day was spent with my newborn & 1 1/2 year old at my in-law's house.  This Mother's Day I requested we stay home, at the condo for the weekend.  Oh and a few other things... :)

I'm happy to report, I got almost all of that.  Photos are scheduled.  This was my biggest wish.  I want a photo session with just me and my babies.  A fun one.  Candid shots.  So my kids are comfortable.  And Happy!  So big thanks to my sister Ashley for offering to do that {and Happy Mother's Day to her--she's a furMama to my nephew Uga!} The nap was questionable.  I attempted one with all three of my kids {Murdock included} on Friday and it wasn't too successful, but we did flop around my bed for over a hour.  I'll chalk that one up to a memorable experience I guess! :)  As for a hot bubble bath with a good book, I got that Friday night.  Adam came home with a bunch of chocolates and a bottle of wine.  He made me chicken & cheese stuffed pasta for dinner, we put the kids to bed, & I went off to soak in a hot bath for a couple of hours.  Adam even brought me in a cheese & crackers plate and refilled my wine part way through.  I'll admit, after Friday morning I was texting Adam 'All I want for Mother's Day is a day' {I know, selfish--so many women beg for this kind of hard--& I didn't really mean it.  I mean I would have taken it, but my kids aren't bad, they're just demanding.  And I was moody--the weather was supposed to be sucky & I was mad at myself for not going to the gym earlier that morning--dumb right?!} So anyways, it was a pleasant surprise when Adam came home from work with goodies for me and suggested we take a family walk to the park with the kids.  Between that, going to the gym after our failed naptime, and taking the kids to the park earlier in the day, we were on track for an awesome Mother's Day weekend. :)  The picnic in the park with the guitar never happened {the weather was so unreliable this weekend!} but we did get downtown for most of the day Saturday, suggested by my husband because he knows I just love being downtown! :)  So we packed up and headed down to the farmer's market, the weather cleared off, and we spent the next several hours wandering about looking everything the local people had to offer, snacking on new treats, picking up a bouquet of fresh flowers, letting Jordyn ride the train, while sipping adult beverages along the way.  Once the Farmer's Market ended for the day, we met up with a friend for a light lunch on the patio and headed back to the rooftop of his loft downtown to enjoy the warm, sunny afternoon.  We got home late that afternoon and had naps for all {see, I did get my nap!} That evening we picked up the ingredients for sushi and headed to a friend's {Adam's cousin & family} where Adam made us homemade sushi.  We had the best intentions of climbing in their hot tub for some adult only time after putting the kids to bed. Cullyn went down late {due to our late nap} but well.  Jordyn however was totally thrown off by our lack of schedule and was still fighting sleep at midnight.  So we did what all parents do and sacrificed our plans with friends, packed up, & headed home instead of staying over.  It wasn't what we planned on, but it's what was best for our babies & it reminded me again of the little things we sacrifice in order to enjoy the bigger, grander things in life.  Like so much for love & happiness.  I would skip all of my plans if that's what it takes to keep my babies happy.  It was the perfect reminder I needed, especially since this weekend was all about motherhood.  Okay, it's getting a little serious here.  Sunday morning we all slept in until 8a {hoorah!}  Jordyn greeted me with a 'Happy Mudder's Day, Mama.  I Wuv You!'  {It was amazing...we recorded it!} :)  We lounged around all morning, well after Cullyn's great diaper explosion of 2014 in our bed {again, motherhood at it's finest!} but it was Mother's Day so Adam bathed the kids {while I did laundry--you can't stop being a mom totally, right?!} which is a great Mother's Day gift in and of itself!  {neither of us particularly enjoy giving baths!}  Adam made me an awesome crab, egg, & cheese breakfast bagel for breakfast and a ham and cheese panini {that tasted just like Panera's} for lunch.  The weather finally cleared up a little {it rained on and off all weekend} so I went for a nice long {10 mile} run during naptime.  It was exactly what I needed!  Once I got home I packed up the kids, picked up a pizza, & went to the park for a pizza picnic {so I guess I got a picnic, just not the one I had envisioned} and played there until bedtime.  That's where this is supposed to end, but the storms came back and just as I was drifting off to sleep, the tornado siren's went off.  Pre-children we ignored them, but living in a second-story condo with two small children and a dog, we take them more seriously now.  So, at 11p, we grabbed the kids {& Murdock!}, sprinted to the van in a torrential downpour, and went to my sister's basement {Thank you again Ashley & Myles for opening up your home to us in the middle of the night.  We are so blessed to have you!}.  It ended up being nothing, but we would rather be safe than sorry.  So that's our Mother's Day Weekend 2014 recap.  And the 31341084 photos that went along with it! :)

Not mentioned above, but possibly my favorite part of Mother's Day...on Thursday, Jordyn & Cullyn came home with the most adorable pictures for me.  And Jordyn did an 'interview' about me with her sitter.  It's too cute not to share.  These gifts are my most favorite, I'll be holding onto them forever!  

Also, biggest thank you ever to my sweet husband who made this weekend so amazing for me.  He is so good at all of my ideas {I'm blaming it on all of the other bloggers!} and making them come true.  All weekend he gave us 100% of his attention and made it his mission to keep me 100% happy.  It feels really, really good to know I'm so loved and valued.

Oh, and as a Happy Mother's Day to me, I bought this.  Not because it was Mother's Day, but because I had been wanting one forever and it was the perfect excuse! :)  I can't wait to hang it up and watch the kids grow.  It will make for easy comparison between the kids at certain ages. 

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