Thursday, January 2, 2014

Cullyn {8 Months}

Happy 8 Months Baby Boy!

We hoped the getting tubes would help the sleep situation, but unfortunately you still wake 2-5 times a night.  You just aren’t a good sleeper.  Sometimes we can pat your bottom or rock you back to sleep, other times we feed you 1-8 ounces.  You’re just so unpredictable.  I’m trying really hard to cherish these snuggly moments because I know they’ll be gone soon. 

You eat about four, eight-ounce bottles throughout the day.  Unfortunately you don’t eat the full bottle in one sitting, you kind of graze all day.  :/  We tried baby food, but you just don’t seem very interested, so we are trying the Baby Led Weaning approach.  We dice things up real small, and you feed yourself.  You’ve had avacados, puffs, peaches, pears, fruit bars, green beans, pees, and cheerios.

You're in size 3 diapers, size 6 month onesies, and 6 or 6-9 month clothes.    You weigh about 17 pounds.

You’re pulling yourself up and crawling to everything now.  You can no longer be trusted by stairs or the dog food bowls!  Anything you find on the floor goes directly into your mouth.  You love to eat paper! :)

Three more teeth {on the top} broke through this month.  And the bottom two are fully in now.  You are constantly teething.

More firsts…you got tubes and your ears have been perfect since.  You celebrated your first Thanksgiving and lots of pre-Christmas celebrations!  

Love you so much Cully!!

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