Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 {a recap}

I couldn't end the year without a little recap.  Looking back at this year has reminded me how much we are blessed.  We experienced so many wonderful things and made so many amazing memories this year.  We are blessed to have done most of these with our family and close friends.  I'm also thankful for this blog and happy I {try} to take a few minutes each week to write down the highlights of our life.  It goes by in the blink of an eye, but it's truly the little things that make the best memories.

On January 1st, we found out H2 was {is} a Boy!  And we held a Gender Reveal Party at Seven Oaks Ski Resort in Boone.  January 28th to February 2nd I spent in San Francisco, California.  The beginning of February, we played a fun game with friends during the SuperBowl.  I took my glucose test and failed, so I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. We celebrated Valentine's Day, we had a date night, we made Sushi at home, and Adam put his two weeks in at his job {which was a blessing!}  In preparation for Cullyn's arrival, we made the spare room a guest bedroom/toy room.  In March {at 15 months} Jordyn transitioned to a big girl bed, I learned to see who is pinning my things on Pinterest, and we celebrated St. Patrick's Day.  In April, we celebrated Easter. I {finally!} made photo books of J's 1st year! Most importantly, we welcomed a healthy Baby Boy, Cullyn Dean.  Jordyn Lynn turned 18 Months. The beginning of May, Cullyn turned 2 weeks and then 1 month before we knew it.  And we celebrated Memorial Weekend at the Lake House.  In June, Cullyn turned two months and Murdock turned 5 Years.  We celebrated Father's Day at the lake as well.  Jordyn got bit by a neighbor dog, we visited the Strawberry Patch, we vacationed in Michigan, and I went back to work.  July brought Independence Day and Cullyn turned 3 Months.  We spent many afternoons enjoying Summer Treats.  My siblings and our men went to Chicago. We celebrated my 27th Birthday in August.  Cullyn turned 4 Months, we found Free Little Libraries, and went to the Iowa State Fair.  September started at the Iowa Football Game over Labor Day and celebrating Dad's 50th Birthday on a pontoon.  Cullyn turned 5 months and we went to the Apple Orchard.  We cheered for the Minnesota Vikings and had a TON of photoshoots this Fall, too.  Jordyn turned TWO and we celebrated with an Ice Cream party in October and then got tubes.  We also visited the Pumpkin Patch and celebrated Halloween, lots.  Cullyn turned 6 months and we took our family photos.  We also took Koeff family photos.  Cullyn was sick most of November.  Murdock turned 5 1/2 and Cullyn turned 7 Months.  We celebrated Thanksgiving at my sister's new house and spent many days at the ENT clinic.   Adam and I snuck out for a date with friends to see the Keith Urban concert.  We started an Advent Calendar full of books and activities on the first of December.  Both kids got tubes.  We had Breakfast with Santa, cut down a Christmas treebought lots of Christmas gifts, did lots of Christmas activities, and celebrated four Christmases.

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