Friday, October 25, 2013

Behind the Scenes {taking MY family's photos!}

Just so everyone knows…our photoshoots aren't all rainbows & butterflies either! :)

What this photo doesn't show…
My MIL feeding Jordyn snacks to keep her happy & wiping drool from Cullyn's {never-ending teething} mouth
My FIL giving Murdock treats and convincing him to stay
My Mom with a aggressively shaking terribly LOUD toy to get the kids attention & us to smile
My Dad clicking the camera after a 10 second tutorial!

To be present at our photoshoot is truly a one of a kind experience! :)

And also?  I had to promise my husband that he didn't have to take another photo for 6 months after this!


  1. Your picture turned out so cute! It was well worth it! Love your coordinated outfits. I just scheduled our family pictures and now I'm on the hunt for what color scheme to do and how to coordinate both kids! You did an awesome job of that!

  2. If only everyone knew what us photographers go through! LOL super cute pic though.

  3. Great Family photo! People never realize how difficult it can be.


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