Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Murdock {5 & an Update}

Happy 5th Birthday Murdock!

I still can't believe our 'first' baby is 5 today.  We've had him for nearly 4 1/2 years!  It seems like just yesterday when I woke up and Adam finally said 'Let's look for a puppy.'  I'd been saying it for a few months and he finally agreed. We went to a pound that afternoon and I picked him up a few days later. I'll never forget counting down the days until we could go get seemed like forever!

We've had our ups and downs--both serious {spending months in Ames finding out he has an autoimmune disorder} and not {cleaning up diarrhea from the back of Adam's car a couple of weeks after buying him because he got nervous in the parking lot when we were out to dinner because I didn't want to leave him home alone--what was I thinking?!} but you have, hands down, been the best dog a family could ask for!  You've never chewed up anything {without help!}, you're always excited to see us, and you're the best big brother ever--you a kind, loving, and let the kids climb all over you without moving an inch!

We love you So, So much!


So many of you have asked about Murdock and I know I've been promising an update for months!  Sorry!  To be honest, his status has changed about 5 times since then!  So here is the latest...

Overall, Murdock is doing GREAT!  We've been reducing his medicine which is huge since it's so hard on his body.  We haven't seen a new spot in months which is amazing.  He had a bath the other day and his skin is looking awesome!  Unfortunately, he's starting to have accidents {a side effect of his medicine} so we really have to watch you.  

Today he is doing great.  He's been up and down a few times in the past couple of months.  We know that the medicine he takes is very hard on his organs {especially long term, and especially with large breed dogs}.  The vet told us last summer he has a year or two at best, so we're just thankful for each day we get with him.  With any luck, the kids will remember his amazing of a puppy he is.  

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