Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Catch Up Post Of Sorts {+ LOTS of Instagram Photos}

Outside my's finally warm! {Ten days ago it was snowing and yesterday we broke a heat record with 103*}
The time is..3:21p
Today I feel..happy we finally have good weather and I'm getting several things accomplished, excited to take the kids to the park after naps, and sad I have to go back to work soon.
I am thinking..I have TONS of blog posts started in my head that I wish I had time {& energy} to post!
At the moment, I am thankful..the nice weather, working part time in June, and for getting internet at our house yesterday so I could upload photos {to eventually make photobooks} to Shutterfly.
I am wondering..what the heck happened to my milk supply... :(
I am the chiropractor {hopefully} tomorrow.
I am wearing..shorts!
I wish..I had the time to focus on my photography business.  I would love to make it full time and stay home with the kids!  I also wish it was possible to get a tan while outside, but that's impossible when you're trying to make sure your newborn is shaded 100% of the time.
I am reading..I finished Hearts in Darkness yesterday and hope to start Beautiful Disaster tomorrow.
I am working on..this blog post, photobooks for the kids, thank yous, birth announcements, and laundry.
I am enjoy the next two weeks as much as possible, get my camera out MUCH MORE, and work on my running again!
I am hearing..silence {it's nap time} except the sound of the ceiling fan and chatter outside
I bet you didn't baby turns ONE MONTH on Sunday {how is this possible?!}  ::SOB::
One of my favorite..feelings is the feeling after a good run.

Weekend Plans..
[Thursday] iCubs baseball game with friends {thankful for box seats since it's supposed to be raining}
[Friday] Cookout & campfire with lake friends
[Saturday] Barbecuing & hanging at our lake house with friends
[Sunday] Celebrating Mother's Day with my in-laws.


  1. Love all the pics as usual!!! I can't believe he will be 1 month!!!
    I did a similar post today :)

  2. Lol, you're breaking heat records & we're in SC breaking cold records! It was 32 here on Monday night. Thankfully, our house is close enough to the ocean breeze that it kept it warm enough to keep from killing all of our plants. Not a fan of the cold weather! (Oh, but we turned on the AC today, lol.)

  3. Wow...have I been away for too long. LOOK at your beautiful family!!! I am so happy for you!


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