Tuesday, April 23, 2013

J {18 Months}

Jordyn Lynn

I don't know where to start.  This past year and a half has gone by so, so quickly.  It's like I blinked and you're suddenly a big girl.  You're so independent.  You no longer need help eating and you like to try everything yourself before asking for help. Brushing your teeth is your favorite thing to do on your own.  You help me with anything I ask {laundry, throwing things away, putting dishes away}.  

Your clothes are size 18-24 month, 24 month, & 2T.  Size 4 diapers and size 4 shoes.  You have 16 teeth, but I think you'll be getting your 2 year molars soon since you've been chewing on your finger a lot the past couple of weeks.  You weigh 23 1/2 lbs. and I'll get your length after your 18 month appointment {on Monday when Cullyn has his 2 week appointment}.

You still love music and dancing!  Any song your daddy sings or plays on the guitar is your favorite. You've recently starting singing parts of  Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, the ABC's, and 5 Little Monkeys.  You're also starting to count {1, 2, 3, 5}.  You say please and thank you all the time {although not always in the correct context}.  You understand {& repeat} more and more phrases each day.  You point to most of your body parts when asked.  

You love being outside and running is your new favorite activity.  You like going to Miss Kristie's daycare.  Overall you are very outgoing, like to help with things, and prefer things be in their place.  You don't like messy hands or face, and you've very shy around strangers {which mama is okay with!}.  You cover your head when Murdock walks by {so his tail doesn't hit you!} :)  Unfortunately, you're becoming a more picky eater each day.  You walk into your bedroom when you're tired and after a series of kisses, hugs, 'i love you's, 'night night's, and 'muuuah!'s you wave goodnight to us and sleep for about 12 hours.  I love that you let us kiss your boo boos to make them feel better.

Last but not least, you became a Big Sisters a few days ago.  It's safe to say you know who Baby Cullyn is and you love him to pieces!  You give him dozens {that a conservative number!} of kisses each day!  You love to kiss and hug him, but hate to see him cry {you start crying} :(  If you see anything that belongs to Baby Cullyn {clothes, blanket, pacifier, etc} you take it directly to him.  You must know where his is at all times.  At just 18 months you're the best big sister!  You have blessed our lives in so many ways and you don't even know it.  Thank you so much for being such an awesome little girl....I love you more than you've ever know sweetheart!  

Love mama
PS...now that you're 18 months you can stop pooping in the bathtub every night! :)

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