Monday, April 22, 2013

J's Eats [12-16 months]

This is a few months ago, but many of you asked what things we fed Jordyn during the transition to table food.  Obviously this is just a small sample, but here are a few things I picked up during a Target run.  Most of these are snacks.  Since she doesn't eat any meat yet {not by our choice!} so we typically give her a fruit, a vegetable, and snack{s}.  We don't have Jordyn on a specific diet, but we do try to watch her sugar and carb intake.  For somethings it happens to be organic or all natural, for other things the off brand is our preference.

A. Mini sandwiches
B.  Fruit cups
C.  Craisins {all flavors} and Blueberries
D.  Fruit strips
E.  Fruit Bars {these are Granola bars -- we just started them at 16 months}
F.  Raisins & Yogurt covered raisins
G. Goldfish crackers
H. Greek yogurt
I. No sugar added applesauce, Mandarin oranges, & Peaches {she never cared much for pears}.  No salt added Peas, Green beans, Corn, & Lima beans.

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