Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Our Holiday [Michigan]...You'll Never Guess What We're Doing!

Okay, tell me I'm not the only girl that loved the movie 'The Holiday'  You remember it, the one with Cameron Diaz and Jude Law, where two single girls {one from London and the other from LA} decide to swap houses for a holiday {or vaca}.  The idea seemed so cool!

Well, that's essentially what we will be doing.  Only we're swapping lakehouses and it will be Iowa and Michigan.  Oh, and we aren't single girls!

How did we get hooked up with it?
Well...I wanted to do something small for vacation this year.  I wanted to getaway, to somewhere I've never been but we'll be going with a toddler and a newborn, so it had to be somewhere fairly close and most of all low-key!  Michigan had been on my radar, but all of the houses I found seemed so expensive!  Knowing we have a few other weekend trips planned this summer, I just let the plans rest for a while.

By chance, a consultant was at my work {for a year long project} and we got to talking.  She said she was from Michigan and it eventually came up that we both have lakehouses.  While ours is a bit more cabin on the lake {read: many bunkbeds, many cocktails, & many people} which fits our needs at this time, and hers is more of a cottage on the lake {read: front porch, canoe & fishing supplies, & relaxation} which fits her needs, it's exactly what we were both looking for in a getaway.  The idea crossed my mind, she threw it out there, & I said YES PLEASE! week this June we'll be packing our car with everything baby related under the sun and driving to Michigan for a nice getaway at the lake, full of relaxation, sunshine, and playing outside!

Have any of you ever done this?  Am I crazy to let someone I don't know stay at our house for a week?  

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