Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Transition to a Big Girl Bed at 15 months

At 14 months we brought your big girl bed home.  We made the mistake of leaving it in the living room for a few hours that afternoon.  While my intentions were to get you used to it and make it a positive {less scary} thing, I instead let you think this was your new, indoor trampoline.  {BIG mistake, mom fail!}

So we hung up the idea of transitioning you from the crib to the bed for a month or so.  {There was one afternoon my big preggo self tried to get you sleep in your toddle bed with me, but they ended in a big, fat fail}

At 15 months I decided to take the bumper off your crib and tie it around your toddler bed.  Since we had the little rail on the side this was very simply.  One afternoon I put you in the bed for your nap and you slept.  I thought, this is awesome!  So that night I put you in the bed again {thinking I would just put you in your crib when you woke up}.  But, you slept straight through the night.  In fact, maybe a little better since you had more room! :)

So, at 15 months you’re in your big girl bed 100% of the time.  And your crib is now ready for your baby brother’s arrival! :)

So my advice to parents transitioning from crib to bed {especially with a  young one}…

1.    Do NOT make it a toy
2.    Use a side rail of some sort
3.    Take the bumper {and any other bedding that’s familiar} to the new bed.

*Also, I cleared the room of harmful or breakable objects in the event she would get out and get into something.

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