Monday, March 4, 2013

The story behind the J.O.B. change...

OH boy, how do I even begin this post.  I’ve written it so many times in my head, but every time I try to write it out I just have a jumble of 2309409483 thoughts swarm my head!  So here goes…

Adam’s job has sucked for a long time.  Unfortunately, it paid pretty well.  We’ve both wanted to find him something that he would enjoy and could make a similar amount doing.  There were several jobs that sounded like something he would like and be good at, but unfortunately just didn’t pay enough.  And while money isn’t everything, his job pays our bills, so it is something {a very important something}

Finally a month or so ago he landed a job that fit the family requirements!!  So it’s been a {looong} waiting game before he could put is two weeks in!

Sorry former boss, you’re actually going to have to be at work more the 7 {yes SEVEN, he’s kept track before} hours a week now!

Sorry former boss, you’re going to miss that Spring Break trip you take each year to {attempt to} keep your company going.  Guess it makes up for the cruise you took last month with 1 week notice {that you knew about for 3 months} and took 2 employees from the other office on {while trying to keep it a secret from the rest}.  Can we say shady?!

Sorry former boss, that you will probably have to start paying your employees the commissions they actually earned since this was something you could never explain to my husband over the past 4 years.  Pretty sure more than one person should be calculating them and the employee has the right to know how you base them, but whatever.

Sorry former boss, you’re going to have to find someone else to make up lies to other employees about.  This time you should tell them to someone who doesn’t put you on speakerphone for the employee to hear straight from your mouth.  {also, for the record, my husband is not fat or lazy, nor did you fire him, but go ahead and say whatever is necessary to make yourself feel better!}

Sorry former boss, you might actually have to hire a couple more people to keep the 24/7 office running since Adam’s not there to do it for you anymore.  Good news is that you should be able to pay them since you actually gave my husband a pay CUT last year.  How can you cut someone’s commissions and expect them to like you and be happy to work for you?!

Sorry former boss, you’re going to need to find someone else that you can make the company rules up on as you go.  After three years you cannot just decide the month of to change the vacation accrual schedule.  If you always give vacation on their anniversary date, you don’t just say ‘oh, well after a while you just switch to the beginning of the year.’  And to do it without warning says everything about how that office is ran.  Your welcome for the extra 3 months of work {without vacation} that you got from him.

Sorry former boss, that my husband will actually be able to take a shower, vacation, or boat ride this summer without making sure he has his cell phone on him 24/7 to help your customers!

Oh wait, I’m not sorry about any of this! 

PS…thanks for being an asshole and not paying Adam a dime of this 3 {yes, THREE} weeks of vacation that he had earned…it says a lot about the kind of person you are and the “business” you run.  Enjoy failing! It’s been fun watching your marriage unravel the last 4 years, can’t wait to watch your business fail too!!  :)


On a positive note...I could not be more proud and excited for this awesome opportunity he's beginning today.  I know that he will totally rock it! :)  Cheers to new beginnings in 2013!!


  1. What does he do?

    Glad he is out there!! I know just what it is like to work for shady people in the past!!

  2. I've worked for some really not great people in the past so I know that feeling all too well.


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