Sunday, March 3, 2013

Weekend Recap

I have a love/hate relationship with weekend mornings apparently.  I used to love them, but they sure do hate me know.  It doesn’t seem to matter what I do, I just can’t sleep in.  Last night we had an overnight sitter for Jordyn so I could go watch Adam’s band play for a while.  I came home and went to bed about 11:30, and still was wide awake at 6:30.  How in the world did I ever sleep until 9am?! 

Nevertheless since I’m up I’ll do a brief recap of the weekend.  Unfortunately I failed to take photos, but it was filled with fun activities, so here goes…

Friday night Adam got off work at 4p.  This was a big deal since it was his LAST DAY with that company.  {I’ll update soon, promise!}  So he came home and grabbed Jordyn and I and we {finally—I’d been begging him for weeks!} went shopping to get him all new dress clothes.  He was in desperate need.  Especially since it’s back to ties for him.  After shopping we had {a late} dinner.  Jordyn is finally starting to do better when we go out to dinner.  Maybe I’m just starting to be better about taking things to entertain her, or maybe it’s because it was 8:30 and she was tired—haha! 

Saturday we got up, had breakfast, and got ready for the day.  We got groceries and then went shoe shopping for the whole family!  Adam needed all new dress shoes and some everyday shoes, I picked up a new pair of flats since Murdock decided to pee in mine that morning {!} and we convinced daddy to get Jordyn a cute little pair of gold leopard flats! :)  Adam picked up another everyday shirt and a new watch, so he should be set for a while now. 

Then we headed to our Godson’s 2nd Birthday Party!  Everything was adorable, especially the little birthday boy in his adorable, colorful plaid shirt!  We had some yummy treats there and had to take off to go back home and grab Murdock so we could get to the lakehouse. 

Adam’s band played for a surprise 40th Birthday Party that night.  He went with the boys to setup and get ready and Jordyn, Murdock, and I played for the afternoon.  After dinner I put Jordyn in her jammies and took her into her Grandma and Grandpa’s house to spend the night with two of her cousins.  That way I could go see Adam’s band for a few hours.  It had been quite a while {Fall?} so it was fun to hear them again.  I always love listening to them…unfortunately I’m just unable to stay away past 11pm—haha!  But they have several early gigs lined up this summer, so that should be fun!   Hopefully Jordyn can go to some of those, she just LOVES listening to her daddy sing!  :) 

Today we’re going to Adam’s parents for a family dinner with all 15 {& ½} of us and then heading home to prepare for the week.  It should be a perfect way to end the weekend!

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