Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I Conquered Public Transportation [in San Francisco]!

Wow!  Coming from a small town that didn't even have a restaurant that delivered, we definitely didn't have any form of public transportation!  For the most part, living anywhere in Iowa, everyone has their own car.  Sure, we have busses to take you around the college campus or a taxi here or there to take you around downtown, but really, if you need [or want] to go somewhere, you hop in your car and take off.  And traffic?  Unless it's game day in downtown Iowa City, we just don't have it.

I thought about renting a car, basically because that's all I know, but decided against it for many reasons [mainly, the fact that I have no idea where I'm going, the idea of finding parking, and not really knowing how much I would use it].  I am so glad I decided to use Public Transportation!  While on this trip, I conquered a Taxi, the Muni [city bus], the Cable Car, the Trolley, and a Tour Bus with no problems at all, only a few small issues [there was the afternoon I got kicked off the bus--it wasn't my fault, and the one morning I got off and on the wrong bus before getting back on the bus I should never have gotten off--haha!].   Talk about an accomplishment on my first [and probably only] solo adventure.  *It should be noted that I also walked approximately 7 miles--5 of them in my first 24 hours! :)  And obviously took a plane and a cab.


  1. Yay! I think renting a car in a big city is so hard! But public transportation is also hard!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  2. Haha that is humorous!! I have yet to take a subway or a train! But in all honesty you get some of the best people wAtching with public transportation!! Or you could play guess their occupation/lifestyle! Lol


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