Monday, March 18, 2013

First long weekend of 2013 at the Lake

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It's Monday...I had to scrape freezing rain from my windshield this morning.  It started to snow on my way to work.  I've been answering questions for students non-stop since 5:30am.  

Thankfully our weekend was MUCH different than that...

After work we packed up and headed to the lakehouse for the night.  It was so nice to spend three full days there.  It had been SOO long!

Adam had to work and I had a hair appointment so Jordyn went to Grandma J's for the day.  Adam and I enjoyed a kid-free lunch quickly before he returned to work and I went to the library to get started on Jordyn's 1st Year Photo Book {Yep, I'm just now starting, almost 17 months late!}

That night friends from the lake came over to hang out.  At 11:30 I called it a night and everyone else kept going until the next morning.  I'm SO GLAD all of our {lake} friends understand I just can't hang at night!  Never an insult, I just can't keep my eyes open after 10 or 11...haha!

We went to Adam's mom's restaurant for breakfast with his sister and her family.  After breakfast, Adam went to help his dad work on the Ski Lodge and I went back to upload more photos.  At 4:30 I finished the last of almost 4000 photos.  Ugh!  Now, I just need to spend the next 434268486468468 hours arranging the photos and adding all of her milestones in!  The depressing part is that once I do get this book finished, I'm already almost 1/2 way behind on next year's book!  {sigh!}

That evening we went to a fish fry with Adam's parents.  It was a fundraiser for the Bass Fishing group.  The food was less than par, but I did win a nice Yankee Candle, so I guess I can't complain! :)  I had tons of back pain, so I went home and straight to bed.

My parents came to see us Jordyn and I took a few photos for St. Patrick's Day.  At noon we all headed to Adam's parents's house for a big dinner.  We are so fortunate that both sets of our parents like each other and get along so well!  It makes me even more excited for this summer!  Especially being on a like with 2 children under 18 months...I'm going to need all the grandma help I can get!! :)  After dinner I had a photosession and then we packed up and headed home.

A perfect weekend of fun, relaxing, family time, and getting some things accomplished before the little man arrives.  Hope you all had an awesome St. Patrick's Day! :)


  1. Sounds lie a pretty perfect weekend!! Jealous of your lake house!! Lol

  2. I'm the same way about staying awake. Josh always tells me I'm rude - maybe that'll change when we have a baby. Then'll I have an excuse for being tired!


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