Wednesday, January 23, 2013

{15 Months}

{Play & Activity}
You LOVE to play and climb, especially in your room!
You have a toddler bed, but so far you just jump on it like it's an indoor trampoline.
You climb up and down your rocking chair all the time!
You clap, high five, high ten, peek-a-boo, and go get things when asked.
You grab books from your shelf and flip through the pages.
Music & dancing are favorites of yours, especially if it's daddy playing the guitar!
You can scoot around on your little bumble bee now.
Your favorite 'toys' are all electronic or musical devices, your pink car, and your play kitchen.
When asked what a dog says, you pant! :)

{Growth & Development}
You walk everywhere and try to run a lot
You say Mama, Daddy, Yeah, Please, Thank you, Baby, Up, & Papa [when asked]
You point to your head and nose when asked.
You sign food, more, all done, & milk
You help get dressed and try to put your socks & shoes on
You can go up and down stairs now
You give kisses and pat our backs when we hug :)
You also blow kisses with a loud mmmmmah sound! :)
You play in 'your drawer' in the kitchen a lot!
You love banana bread & like water more now than ever.  Fruit bars and dried fruit are your favorite snacks.
You take 1 [afternoon] nap per day & sleep about 12 hours per night.  You've been waking at 8am.
You have 12 teeth, wear size 4 diapers, & are mostly in 18 month clothing
Your eye teeth are coming in
We still haven't given you silverware to work with.

You love attention
You're fearful of strangers
You love to be tickled
You love being outside
You don't like a messy face or hands
You love to pick up/organize things.  You also love stacking cups.

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