Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What's Going On... {+ IG Photos}

I've been getting way to many things from deal websites.  Today was a personalized iPhone case for $13 {+free shipping} from EverSave, last week it was a Massage, Pillow Cases, Giant Balloons, Photography Backdrops & Photography Props from Very Jane, Etsy, & Groupon.  Not to mention all the shopping that's been going on for little man {including our maternity photoshoot outfits!!} :)

We had a double date with some of our best friends last Thursday night.  Since my sister is in town again we've got a sitter so when we our friends called and invited us to dinner we could actually say yes! :)  Of course we could have anyways, but fine dining with a toddler just doesn't have the same effect!  So Alicia wanted the three kids and two of the dogs and we headed out to dinner at Flemings.

My secretary has been out all week.  She came in Monday for an hour or so and has been gone since.  She's got a nasty cold {flu?} that she's had since last Friday.  I PRAY I don't get it!  I feel like everyone is sick in this yucky {freezing!} weather!  The only thing keeping me from complaining about the negative degree temps is the fact that I'll be in CA next week and it will make the 50/60s feel like 80/90s!

My mom, sister, *Jordyn, & I are getting mani/pedis on Saturday and I cannot wait!  It's been over a year since I've had anything like that done.  SO NEEDED!  Plus, my family will be here all weekend, so that's exciting!  *Jordyn is not getting a pedi!  But she will be joining us, and if she's a good girl, she'll get to get her toes painted! ;)

We went to a fondue party at one of our lakehouse friends' house last weekend.  So much fun, but oh so full!  Any meat/veggie/bread you could imagine!  Stuffed!  Good thing it's only once a year!  We got home from the lakehouse Sunday night and realized we left a whole bag of {semi important} belongings at the lakehouse!  So, I have to wallet or laptop this week.  Adam is missing his work portfolio and 3 of Blockbuster's movies are waiting for Adam next weekend!  bummer!

So many other things...I'm so anxious to finish our toy room, Jordyn got new shoes last night, Our neighbor lady passed away from cancer Friday night, my gall bladder results, Jordyn's toddler bed situation, a lunch date with my hubby, work situations, H2 name debates, Jordyn's eating habits--or lack thereof, SOA.....It will all be coming.  Maybe I'll catch up during the flights next week?

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  1. Busy busy!!! What shops do you buy your props from?

    Enjoy your mani/pedi!!!

    Have a great week!!


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