Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I consider Jordyn a good traveler, after all she is used to making the 1-2 hour drive to the lake house [or sometimes my hometown] almost every weekend.  But I was still concerned [to say the least] about the 8 hour drive to Oklahoma.  We left early Friday morning for a the wedding that evening to give us lots of time for stops.  It helped that it was just my Husband, Jordyn, my in laws and myself.  We packed up, grabbed breakfast and headed out.  Jordyn ended up only sleeping approximately 15 minutes, but NOT MAKING ONE SOUND the entire drive there!  That that worrying for nothing! :)

We checked into the Hyatt in downtown Tulsa, went to lunch dinner and cleaned up for the wedding.  Adam's cousin Kris married their daughter Paisley's mama, Starr.  It was a gorgeous evening and we had a blast!  Except for the part where Abby in [very] high heals [4 drinks in] + running fast [for me] in circles, chasing our cousin's daughter = Abby face planting the center of the universe and getting seven several battle scars!

The next day we packed up and went out to breakfast before heading to Broken Arrow [a suburb] to spend the day at Rooster Days [the annual Broken Arrow, OK fair] followed by dinner at Oklahoma Joes and checking into out hotel there.  The next morning [Sunday] we packed up and headed out fairly early. On the way home we tried Church's Chicken for the first time.  Nothing special! :)

First time at the fair and you slept through it all! :)

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