Monday, June 11, 2012

All American Summer Weekend

Well, it started that way anyways! :)

I started to write about the letter we were welcomed home with after vacation stating our dog is over the weight limit per our association rules, our broken down [never to return again] car, Adam's job status, my broken cell phone and our teething [rashy] daughter but decided that's not what I want to remember about the beginning of summer 2012.  Instead I'm choosing to share some of our photos from the past weekend.

Friday we [Jordyn, Auntie Isha, and myself] met my former nanny kids for a pool day.  This was a first for Miss Jordyn! :)  The water was cold, but she loved being held while floating around the lazy river.  On our way home we spotted our first lemonade stand of stand of the year!! Of course we could not pass that up!  Gram and Papa showed up for the weekend and us girls went on a 4 mile walk until 10:30pm.

Saturday morning we all got up early and went to the local Farmer's Market.  We bought a new cribbage board and two wooden [teething] toys and an Iowa Hawkeyes headband for Jordyn.  We also snacked on lots of treats and Adam bought me a Downtown Des Moines t-shirt that is soo comfy!  Before we left Adam and I stopped for some live music and mimosas on the patio!

We spent Saturday afternoon and Sunday at the lake house.  Perfect weather to nap in the hammock and roast marshmallows over the campfire!  :)

OH...and Jordyn's top two teeth are sooo close to popping through! eek!

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  1. Wait, are you saying your homeowner's association has power over your dog's weight?? Whoa... that's a bit much!


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