Friday, February 18, 2011

I confess..

I confess..this is my first Friday Confessional
I confess..I 'cleaned' my car today, but was too lazy to vacuum I still need to do that
I confess..I'm hoping if I wait my dad will vacuum it for me when I'm home this weekend
I confess..I didn't really work yesterday or today.  I mean I worked a bit on Thursday, but it was so nice I had to get outside
I confess..My house needs cleaned bad but I'm leaving it because we're going to be gone all weekend anyways
I confess..we grilled two nights this week & it was awesome
I confess..I made it very clear that we're going to buy all of the groceries we need for the meals we planned next week and not step foot in the grocery store until next week, and then remembered we're out of Mt. Dew...I wont say the rest because this is my first confessional and I'm still getting used to typing my faults...:)

Happy Weekend Peeps!


  1. Great Confessional First!
    These are so fun to read (and write).
    I got my oil changed this week, and JiffyLube vacuumed out my car for me! YAY!
    And it rained so I got the outside washed too.

  2. Obviously a dire Mountain Dew emergency :)

    I confess that in my 8.5-hour work day, I only do about 3 - 4 hours of work. (If I'm too productive, I get in trouble for earning too much of a bonus. Seriously.)

  3. Haha, Love these confessions! Happy Weekend to you!

  4. Welcome to confession. Before you know you will be spilling it all!
    Really enjoyed your first confession!
    Have a great weekend.


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