Thursday, February 2, 2017

TO DO | February 2017

Well, January was humbling...

Blog about NYC :: Started...
Go on a date with Adam :: Fail.  Several family dates, but nothing with Just Adam.  Although I get almost a whole week with just him in February, so I'm looking forward to that!
Meal plan :: Half of the time, so better than it was.  We made a menu, we just aren't great at sticking to it. 
Stay out of Target the entire month :: Success!  Well, I went once, but it was just for pull ups, cold medicine, and protein bars, so I feel like was a win!  I spent $60 as opposed to $600!
Take the kids on individual dates again :: Win!  Jordyn got several dates and she took a cooking class and an art class this month.  
Organize the closets :: Every closet was organized this month! :)
Make 1 photo book :: 1 done, 100 to go!
Go on a family date :: CHECK!
Update the kids' travel journals :: Ugh!  Didn't even start! :( 
Go to the gym 3 times each week :: I did pretty good.  I averaged 3 times per week.  The end of the month was worse since we all got sick, but I did way better than last year. 

And now February's goals...

Read a book
Prepare for Taxes
Make a photo book
Take stuff to the consignment shop
Start planning Cullyn's Birthday Party & Easter
Update the kids' travel journals :: MO, TN, NC & SC

What are your goals?  I love new suggestions!


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